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The PEOPLE’S CHOICE Movement is composed of individual volunteers nationwide, mostly leaders and members from various Christian faith-based organizations from the Catholic, Evangelical and Protestant communities in the country which formed and comprise the PILIPINO MOVEMENT FOR TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP (PMTL).


PMTL is a national coalition of leaders and representatives of various Christian faith-based organizations from the Catholic, Evangelical and Protestant communities in the country. We have come together in unity to do God’s work in the political field, by providing a mechanism for our combined memberships, as well as our people in general, to be appropriately guided in electing honest, competent, dedicated & God-centered servant leaders who can lead our country towards national transformation in accordance with God’s plan.


The big faith-based groups from the Catholic, Evangelical and Prostestant communities in the country are among the convenors of PMTL.


Among the many Catholic organizations which joined the PMTL are the following – BCBP (Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen & Professionals), LNP (Ligaya ng Panginuon), CFC (Couples for Christ), CFM (Christian Family Movement), FTCC (Federation of Transparochial Charismatic Communities), BLD/Servant Leaders (Bukas Loob sa Diyos), Prayer Warriors, PAX (Philippine Alliance of Ex-Seminarians), Dilaab Movement and Defensores Fidei.


Among the Evangelical and Protestant organizations that joined PMTL are the following – PCEC (Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches), NCCP (National Council of Churches in the Philippines), UCCP (United Churches’ Council of the Philippines), PJM (Philippine Jesus Movement), Bible Mode, CBMAP (Christian Bishops & Ministers Association of the Philippines), Christian Patriots, CCL (Capitol Christian Leadership), NFS (Nameless Faceless Selfless) Ministry, IFP (Intercessors for the Philippines), and the UMC (United Methodist Church).


But PMTL cannot and will not endorse or support any candidates, because many of its convenor and member organizations are churches and faith-based groups whose charters prevent them from endorsing and supporting any candidate.


Thus, People’s Choice will do what PMTL cannot do, which is to endorse and support candidates based on our common criteria, the GABAYKRISTO.


Membership in the People’s Choice is purely personal and voluntary. The members shall not bring into People’s Choice their membership or affiliation in their respective churches or organizations.


People’s Choice will encourage all the combined memberships of PMTL member organizations to vote for the People’s Choice Candidates.


Both PMTL and People’s Choice are bound by one common desire – to help in electing honest, competent, dedicated, strong-willed, servant leaders who can lead our country towards national transformation in accordance with God’s plan.


The People’s Choice Movement, as a group, shall be endorsing and providing a campaign support mechanism to candidates, both in the national and local positions, who are GabayKristo-qualified and who win the People’s Primary.






The mechanism that our group adopted has two (2) components – the GabayKristo and the People’s Primary.


The GabayKristo is the common criteria and voter’s guide that the PMTL member organizations have the decided to use for their memberships. It is a set of 20 specific questions that evaluate the candidates in four (4) areas – Character, Competence, Integrity in Leadership & Public Service, and Faithfulness to God, Country & People. It has a grading system that allows voters to rate a candidate from 1 up to 5, 1 being the lowest grade and 5 the highest. The candidate who garners the highest score is the most deserving to be voted on.


The adoption of GabayKristo as a common voters’ guide is historic. This is the first time in our nation’s history that the biggest faith-based organizations from the Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical communities have decided to adopt and use only one voters’ guide for all our memberships nationwide.


The second component of our mechanism is the People’s Primary, a nomination process where those PMTL member organizations which are allowed by their charters and are willing to participate, may recommend 2 persons for President, 2 for VP, and 8 for Senators, but must use the GabayKristo as the criteria. Thereafter, all the recommendees are ranked and rated by the Nomination Committee.


The top 2 for President, top 2 for VP, and top 15 for Senators will form and become the Shortlisted Candidates of PMTL.


The Shortlist of candidates is then forwarded by PMTL to People’s Choice Movement, an entity that is separate and independent from PMTL.


The People’s Choice Movement, on its own, may campaign for the Shortlisted Candidates as it is, or may ask the combined memberships of all PMTL member organizations to choose from among the Shortlisted Candidates who they want for President, VP and Senators. But participation and voting in the People’s Primary is purely voluntary on the part of any person or member of any organization. In addition, when voting in the People’s Primary, no person should carry his membership in any organization.


The People’s Choice Movement will be the one to handle the voting and selection in the People’s Primary, as well as promote and campaign for the winning candidates in the ways and manner they deem appropriate.
With the process of shortlisting of the candidates was finished on February 1, 2016. The voting in the People’s Primary was ended on March 15.


In summary, the PEOPLE’S PRIMARY is a system on inclusive democracy where the people, through their organizations, recommend the most GabayKristo-qualified leaders to run for president, vice-president, senator, representative, and/or other candidates for local positions in the country.






All People’s Choice’s Candidates will be required to sign a COVENANT that obligates them to implement the REFORM AGENDA if and when they get elected into office. The REFORM AGENDA was formulated by the PMTL Convenors and is composed of specific items of reform.






As a national movement, People’s Choice will organize a national campaign team and machinery to support the People’s Choice candidates in their campaign.


The People’s Choice is not a political party but merely a campaign support movement. The candidates may run under any existing political party of their choice.


The group’s plan is to establish a National Campaign Support Mechanism focusing on the following areas – –


a)      National Machinery

b)      Media

c)      Postering

d)      Celebrity endorsers

e)      Awareness Campaign

f)       Fundraising

g)      Other areas


The specific plans for each of these areas are being discussed and prepared at present.






The members of the People’s Choice National Council are leaders of various groups and organizations, most of which are faith-based Christian organizations. They are leaders with solid integrity and credibility, and who are known advocates of changes and reforms that would bring about genuine empowerment of our people and transformation of our country. The members have made a commitment that they will not run for any public office in the 2016 elections.



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